Sport Equipment | Sport Equipments | Workout Equipment | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM Sport Equipment manufacturer and Sport Equipments supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 94,720 ,Workout Equipment,Home Fitness Equipment,Home Exercise Equipment buyers around the world at Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:37:56 -0700 Treadmill Machine <img src='productpic/ps_44y11480667845.png' /><br>Motorized Double Feature (Electric Treadmill + Air Walker) Free Style Glider (MDFSG)<br /> <ol> <li> The product of the Air Walker to freedom at any angle of 0°~180°, when not Air Walker can do Electric Treadmill. </li> <li> With digital control panel, the functions as below: START/STOP, SET, SPEED/TIME, HAND PULSE, EMERGENCY, LCD PTOGRAMMER, SPEAKER, ION GENERATIOR. </li> <li> POWER FOURCE: AC 110~240V/ 50HZ/ 60HZ/ 800W </li> <li> ELECTRIC TREADMILL MOTOR &amp; SPEED: 1.2 HP, SPEEDADJUSTABLE FROM 0~12KM/H </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 120 KGS </li> <li> SIZE &amp; WEIGHT: 167X166x72CM/ 53.7KGS. </li> <li> MATERIAL: Steel. </li> <li> The product can be folded and put away with pushing wheels device, easy to collection. </li> <li> PANTENTED. </li> </ol> Treadmill Machine Treadmill Glider <img src='productpic/ps_u21k1480667903.png' /><br>Motorized Double Feature (Electric Treadmill + Air Walker) Free Style Glider with BUFFER BLOCK (MDFSG + BUFFER BLOCK)<br /> <ol> <li> This product is in MDFSG treadmill plus slope adjustment buffer, mainly for the end of both sides of the treadmill and was provided with a rotatable eccentric buffer block body, as the treadmill next slope adjustment and elastic buffer to protect the joints and adjust the angle of effect. </li> <li> With digital control panel, the functions as below: START/STOP, SET, SPEED/TIME, HAND PULSE, EMERGENCY, LCD PTOGRAMMER, SPEAKER, ION GENERATIOR. </li> <li> The adjustment of the product buffer block and a special design of the three sections of the treadmill adjustment. </li> <li> The product of the treadmill and electric treadmill can switch to use, walking machine is a strong steel Rope device, you can do any angle swing and stop. Strong waist, feet and stretching Legs and other health functions. </li> <li> This product in addition to emergency safety devices, and test the human health function instructions, Hand-held heart, negative ions, there are various programs designed for different consumers to make appropriate adjustments Suitable for use. </li> <li> Can be folded collection, strong steel structure design maximum weight of 100 kg. </li> <li> POWER SOURCE: AC 110V~220V/50HZ~60HZ </li> <li> Patented product. </li> </ol> Treadmill Glider Freestyle Glider <img src='productpic/ps_ixrp1480667971.png' /><br>FREESTYLE GLIDER CARDIO DELUXE with SPEAKER (Air Walker)<br /> <ol> <li> This product is the use of special strength steel cable for free at any angle of 0 degree to 180 degrees. Together with the left and right speakers and mp3 music box, when the sport can enjoy the music. </li> <li> Contents: Digital Control Master, Pulse Scan + COUNT + T.C. (Time) + Calories. And with Transformer Speakers, Handy pulse, Handlebar, Rear Right &amp; Left Post, Front Right &amp; Left Post, Footboard. </li> <li> POWER FOURCE: AC 110~240V/ 50/ 60HZ/ 12-24V, Speaker Power: 4W X 2 </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 120 KGS </li> <li> SIZE &amp; WEIGHT: 166X90x70CM/ 23KGS. </li> <li> MATERIAL: Steel. </li> <li> The product can be folded and put away with pushing wheels device, easy to collection. </li> </ol> Freestyle Glider Fitness Machines <img src='productpic/ps_y75j1480668016.png' /><br>2 in 1 Traction and Electric Inversion Fitness Machine.<br /> <ol> <li> This product for traction and version dual sport machine, mainly comprising a main frame and a traction device and a Inversion support device; means for users to take advantage of the traction lying, and the head and feet respectively positioning, to provide traction action, according to achieve effective and does not hurt the bones and muscles traction exercises, and through the top support means moving up top, make up a deflection angle and a traction device was inverted and user actions to perform inverted stretch spine of action, while at the same time achieve the promotion of blood circulation and stretch muscles of the spine and effectiveness, so that the elimination of soreness spine and bones. </li> <li> This product include: Main Frame, Traction Device and Electric Inversion Support Device. </li> <li> Have Safety Automatic feet clamp Device. </li> <li> With Electric Automatic Inversion DC Motor and Safety Control System and Control Panel. Inversion Angle Adjustable from 0°~180°, and with spare batteries. </li> <li> MAX Safety load: 120 KGS </li> <li> Product Size: 165X70X70 CM </li> <li> Product Weight: 29 KGS </li> <li> Patented product. </li> </ol> Fitness Machines Jangsu Stone Health Mat <img src='productpic/ps_fdap1480671045.jpg' /><br>JANGSU HEALTH NATURAL STONE MAT<br /> <ol> <li> Product size: 1000mm x 2000mm x 40mm. </li> <li> The role of warm - let the body temperature to maintain proper body temperature, promote human growth, magnetic field to promote blood circulation, balanced supply of nutrients. </li> <li> There are beneficial to human health of natural jade, Tomalin stone + germanium stone + mica stone + medical stone made of natural stone such as Mineral natural stone, diameter of 5 cm, jade 114pcs, mineral stone 95pcs. </li> <li> Controller -9 section temperature control adjustment, the maximum temperature of 70 degrees C. Built-in to prevent over-temperature function, blocking electromagnetic function. </li> <li> There are more than 15 layers of waterproof cloth, high-density hard cotton, anti-flame retardant aluminum foil cloth, insulation non-woven fabrics, temperature sensing devices, temperature overheating shielding cloth, senior environmental leather and other components. </li> <li> And with anti-bacterial box, can be pest control, moth, mold, corrosion and other functions. </li> <li> Power supply Connect the control terminal and control wire group. </li> <li> A patented silicone hotline, built-in 100% blocking electronic wave shielding cloth. </li> <li> Built-in two kinds of safety devices, temperature switches and temperature sensors to prevent thermal fire and other product safety features. </li> <li> POWER SOURCE: 110V-220V/60HZ-50HZ/200W </li> </ol> Jangsu Stone Health Mat Massage Protector <img src='productpic/ps_j8bb1480671147.png' /><br>3 in 1 FIR Heating stone Massage Protector<br /> <ol> <li> Different design for different body part, such as knee-joint, articulation cubiti and shoulder joint. </li> <li> The spring and far infrared fabric material can be extend freely to meet different size. </li> <li> Heating function max to 55℃ in 10 mins. </li> <li> With one powerful motor inside. </li> <li> Inside use bamboo charcoal </li> <li> With 4pcs Jade inside. </li> <li> Time controll of&nbsp; 5, 10, 15 mins. </li> <li> With 2300MA LITHIUM battery, freely move more than 1.5 hrs. </li> <li> <blockquote> Product efficacy:<br /> a. Effect to the patients who suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis.<br /> b. Effect to sport injury , relieve pain in the cold or humid environment.<br /> c. Effectively protect arthrosis who stand long or in low temperature environment.<br /> d. Effectively protect arthrosis who stay long in AC room.<br /> e. Enjoy massage and hot physical therapy when you are working, cooking, walkingor have rest.<br /> </blockquote> </li> <li> POWER SOURCE: 100~240V/50~60HZ, Input:DC8V/1.5A (Battery2000MA/H)/12W </li> </ol> Massage Protector Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle <img src='productpic/ps_v3941480671405.png' /><br>Hydrogen –rich Water Flask.<br /> <ol> <li> By using SPE low –power high-efficiency electrolysis technology. The Hydrogen is proved to be a selective antioxidant to the body, which can Improve the body health efficiently. </li> <li> <blockquote> The benefits for Hydrogen-rich water:<br /> <ul> <li> Improve the hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipoidemia. </li> <li> Improve gastrointestinal function. </li> <li> Super anti-senility effects. </li> <li> Reduce the inflammation. </li> <li> Improve sleep quality. </li> <li> Improve memory. </li> </ul> </blockquote> </li> <li> The size of the product are: 350 ml waist Cup, 450 ml straight Cup, 350 ml&nbsp; sport bottle. </li> <li> Cup body is made of non-toxic top-grade borosilicate glass material, through the crystal, if the sound of jade, not easy to breed. Bacteria, the material Kennedy advanced varieties, can withstand -2 degrees Celsius ~ 130 degrees Celsius temperature difference, translucent. Refractory high wear resistance, after non-toxic test. </li> <li> Cup lid: SUS304 stainless steel from Seiko, and the United States food-grade Tirtan inner and natural silicone ring. </li> <li> Microcomputer electrolysis Cup bottom precision structure, health and environmental protection material does not contain BPA, Japan South Korea imported nano Coating, the United States imports of water for the United States titanium-platinum ion-exchange membrane, edible-wood activated carbon, and other groups into the precision microcomputer electrolysis technology. External SUS304 stainless steel Seiko and the United States food grade Tirtan inner and natural silicone ring. Precision made. </li> <li> Charger DC5V / 1A USB cable charging </li> <li> Blue indicator lights at work, the water rises a lot of steam somersault, calm after 3 minutes tend to cup water into small molecules of water, the blue light goes out, drinking. hydrogen water to complete. </li> <li> Hydrogen content of 600 ~ 1200ppb. Negative potential(ORP): -450mv ~ -300mV water quality were detected No harmful ingredients. </li> </ol> Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Inversion Traction Table <img src='productpic/ps_wke1480671518.png' /><br>New Pro-Inversion Traction Couch GEN3 - Electric with Stretch Handle<br /> <ol> <li> This product can be more spring-loaded handle extension stretching exercises to strengthen the movement double arm of the abdomen and chest. </li> <li> Stretching by the arm, can help stretch and increase the effect of the spine. </li> <li> Based on the principle of physiology, traction theory of health care and nutrition replenishment, by doing 15 minutes, stretching of the whole body before going to bed, it will help you to realize the two purpose of height increasing and spine rectifying. The best stretching machine, synchronously stretching the shoulders, neck, back, lumbar spine, calves and thighs. </li> <li> Have Adjustable pillow, Waist regulating knob, Jaw protection band, Waist fixation band, Semi-automatic foot fixture, Labor saving movable trundle. </li> <li> Material: Steel+ Foam+ PVC Foam Mattress. </li> <li> Colors: Black+ White+ Orange </li> <li> With Electric Automatic Traction DC MOTOR and Safety Control System and Control Panel. </li> <li> MAX Safety load: 100 KGS </li> <li> Product Size: 156X70X47 CM </li> <li> Product Weight: 19.9 KGS </li> <li> Packing: 0.085 CBM </li> <li> High quality and Competitive price. </li> </ol> Inversion Traction Table Inversion Therapy Table <img src='productpic/ps_o9g21480671587.png' /><br>INVERSION TABLE With FIR Heating Massage Device and MP3 Speaker<br /> <ol> <li> Inverted will usually not easily reach the head of the blood is connected to the brain, parts support and carry oxygenated blood to help enhance memory,eliminate fatigue, improve sleep. </li> <li> Inverted ligament spine and help alleviate back stress and fatigue, relax muscles. </li> <li> Inverted help alleviate and correct the labor and organ failure caused by the gravity sag. </li> <li> Inverted promote blood circulation, cardio training. </li> <li> Inverted accelerating fat catabolism. </li> <li> Inverted make the body more fit, and has good health effects. </li> <li> Far infrared heating pad back, massage devices and MP3 music function. </li> <li> Maximum inverted angle: 180 degrees. </li> <li> Maximum load weight: 120 kg. </li> <li> Maximum Height: 198 cm. </li> <li> N.W/G.W/Carton Size: 28KGS/31KGS/126x74x17.5CM. </li> </ol> Inversion Therapy Table Motorized Treadmill <img src='productpic/ps_a6go1480667243.png' /><br>Motorized Double Feature (Electric Treadmill + Air Walker)<br /> Free Style Glider with COLOR ANTI – SLIP. (MDFSG With ANTI - SLIP)<br /> <ol> <li> This product in the original electric run and space walk dual-use composite machine to increase the anti-skid device,with orange and red design, can safely set foot on the right position. Can make the machine beautiful and more secure all. </li> <li> The product of the air walker can swing freely at any angle, training the foot and waist Of the flexible movement. When stopped at any angle, you can make the legs and legs of the stretching movement effect. </li> <li> This product when not for air walking machine movement, you can make electric running exercise, to run the effect. </li> <li> This product comes with a speaker (MP3) device, while the side of the movement to enjoy your favorite music. </li> <li> This product is equipped with ozone anion generator, you can comfortably adjust the movement of breathing. </li> <li> An emergency safety device, as a power run, the rope can be caught in emergency clothing, an emergency, the situation immediately pulled down, the whole machine immediately power to stop the movement. </li> <li> This product is mainly used in high strength steel materials and precision welding, and with a flexible. Motion conversion mechanism to ensure safety. </li> <li> Size &amp; weight: 1650mmx1650mmx730mm, 54.5KGS </li> <li> Patented product. </li> </ol> Motorized Treadmill Free Style Glider <img src='productpic/ps_3cdk1480667346.png' /><br>Free Style Glider Double Feature<br /> <ol> <li> This product is the use of special strength steel cable for free at any angle of 0 degree to 180 degrees. When not Air Walker can do Running Belt Treadmill Sport. </li> <li> Contents: Digital Control Master, Pulse Scan + COUNT + T.C. (Time) + Calories. And with the below structures, Handy pulse Device, Handlebar, Rear Right &amp; Left Post, Front Right &amp; Left Post, Left &amp; Right Connection Shanks, Footboard, Running Belt Treadmill Structure. </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 120 KGS </li> <li> SIZE &amp; WEIGHT: 167X166x72CM/ 39.5KGS. </li> <li> MATERIAL: Steel. </li> <li> The product can be folded and put away with pushing wheels device, easy to collection. </li> <li> PATENTED. </li> </ol> Free Style Glider AB Exercise Machine <img src='productpic/ps_mqvz1480667497.png' /><br><ol> <li> TONE, SCULPT AND CHISEL YOUR ABDOMINALS, with reduced risk of neck or Back Stress. Get Slimmer, flatter abdominals and improved core strength more effectively than with traditional sit ups. </li> <li> Use anywhere, portable and also folds for easy storage. Sturdy all-steel contruction-110 kgs weight capacity designed to be impact free to safe your joints. Ideals for all level skills. </li> <li> Ensures correct form and alignment to maximum your workout. </li> <li> With Digital Timer &amp; Calorie Tracker to keeps you motivated. Count/Time/Calorie/Button </li> <li> COLORS: Blue + Silver, Orange + Black. </li> <li> Material: Steel + High Density Foam. </li> <li> Weight &amp; Packing Size: 10.3 KGS/103X17X57.5CM </li> </ol> AB Exercise Machine Electric Treadmill <img src='productpic/ps_10su1480667598.png' /><br>Electric Treadmill and Massage Unit Manual adjust<br /> <ol> <li> With 3 section manual incline. </li> <li> DC motor: 1.25HP </li> <li> Speed Range; 0.8~14KM/H </li> <li> Running surface: 1220x400mm </li> <li> Computer: hand pulse, time, speed, incline, distance, calories. </li> <li> With 24 programs. </li> <li> LCD Display with blue backlight. </li> <li> With folding by cylinder. </li> <li> With safety lock system. </li> <li> With wheels for easy trandportation. </li> <li> With rubber cushion system. </li> <li> With MP3 audio system. </li> <li> Carton size: 1650x700x290mm </li> <li> Assembly size: 1716x700x1323mm </li> <li> N.W./G.W.: 51KGS/59KGS </li> <li> With Massage unit: Carton Size: 450x310x160mm </li> </ol> Electric Treadmill Infrared Therapy Light <img src='productpic/ps_a7591480668257.png' /><br>FIR Bio Energy Lantern<br /> FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Therapy device<br /> <ol> <li> Power source: AC 110V-220V / 50Hz / 60Hz / 145W-400W </li> <li> Timer: 10/ 20/ 30 minutes setting </li> <li> Temperature Control: High Medium Low 3 setting </li> <li> Product size: 26*26*74 cm </li> <li> Product weight: 2.6Kgs </li> <li> Radiation wave: 4~16um </li> <li> Radiation rate: 90% </li> <li> Color Box Packing size: 28*27*68.5 cm </li> <li> Certificate: CE / ETC EN 60601-1-2 Medical Electrical Equipment </li> </ol> Infrared Therapy Light Infrared Therapy Lamp <img src='productpic/ps_rti11480668325.png' /><br>FIR Bio Energy Lantern GEN 2 <br /> <ol> <li> Power Source: AC 110~120V / 50Hz/ 60Hz/ 145W-400W </li> <li> Timer: 10/ 20/ 30 minutes setting </li> <li> Temperature control: High Medium Low 3 setting </li> <li> Flexible support tube increase 10cm (i.e 86 cm height) and counter weight in the base. </li> <li> FIR core elements: with cellular shape ceramic </li> <li> Energy of ion: 500~1500 ppm </li> <li> Radiation wave: 4~16um </li> <li> Radiation rate: 96% </li> <li> Product size: 27*26*86 cm </li> <li> Product weight: 3.8Kgs </li> <li> Color Box Packing size: 28*27*80 cm </li> <li> Certificate: CE / ETC EN60601-1-2 Medical Electrical Equipment </li> </ol> Infrared Therapy Lamp Acupressure Sandals <img src='productpic/ps_z38k1480668658.png' /><br>Accupressure design FIR Stone Health Sandal<br /> <ol> <li> This product uses a far-infrared natural stone in accordance with the foot of the human blood processing and manufacturing. </li> <li> Put on the product can be in accordance with the foot of the blood position of the human body for a variety of related parts of the massage in order to achieve the promotion of blood circulation of the health effects of metabolism. </li> <li> Foot size are: M(37”), L(40”), XL(43”) </li> <li> Shoes material composition: shoelaces + EVA soles + wood + primary color stone or varnish stone. </li> <li> The function of the human body: - to promote the smooth flow of blood. </li> <ul> <li> Dredge the human body energy circulation pipeline obstacle. </li> <li> Promote the function of the normal parts of the organ and the coordination between the various organ systems mprove the balance of endocrine, ease the tension tends to the system </li> <li> Excretion of toxins and debris to maintain health. </li> <li> Strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vitality. </li> <li> Stimulate cells to produce vitality, to prevent aging. </li> <li> Restore degenerative organ function, prevent disease. </li> </ul> <li> High-quality PU shoelaces, natural luster jade, massage stone, limestone. High-density EVA soles, solid texture bomb sexual, comfortable and soft, non-impatient effective cushioning. Safe and harmless glue, with wood in the end of solid set health stone to make it more solid. </li> <li> Packing: 1PAIR/WINDOW Plastic Box, 10PAIRS/CTN/7.8KG/8.2KGS </li> <li> Carton Size: 44x32x28CM </li> </ol> Acupressure Sandals Silicone Cupping Set <img src='productpic/ps_msqy1480668903.jpg' /><br>Silicon Acupuncture copping set<br /> <ol> <li> Medical usesilica gel, Tourmaline, Far-infrared ceramic powder </li> <li> Herbal Essence: White mustard glucoside,Capsaicin, buttercup glucoside, gingerol, Allicin, cantharidin and so on. </li> <li> Size: 5cm diameter, color: Green, Orange, Light pink, Dark pink. </li> <li> Product Features: </li> <ul> <li> Safe: no wound. </li> <li> Convenient: Easy to operate,Easy to carry. </li> <li> Efficacy: Have therapy of both moxibustion and cupping, dredge the channels. </li> <li> Affordable: reuse many times. </li> <li> Environmental protection: Silica gel is food grade. </li> </ul> <li> FUNCTIONS: This cupping have multiple function:Cans therapy, moxibustion, heat therapy, magnetic therapy, medication. </li> <ul> <li> The moxibustion: stimulate human body acupuncture point,giving moxibustion area is large, is better than traditional moxibustion effect </li> <li> Acupuncture: Cupping bottom close to the skin, strong adsorption ability, better than refers to the pressure point massage penetration effect </li> <li> Cupping therapy: by cold clearing damp, wipe out clogged, poison spilled hot, curative effect is better than traditional cupping </li> <li> Meridians: smooth the body meridian, balance human body, Yin and Yang, regulating the body balance </li> <li> Medication: drug chip continuous infiltration by thermal conductivity, collaterals, eliminating poliomyelitis, grubbing up </li> </ul> <li> Packing: 12pcs/box, box size: 26x20x5cm, 20pcs/carton. Carton size: 54x42x25cm </li> </ol> Silicone Cupping Set Inversion Machine <img src='productpic/ps_grer1480902594.png' /><br>New Pro-Inversion Traction Couch Electric GEN4, with Stretch Handle, Massage, FIR Heating Unit.<br /> <ol> <li> This product is a kind of stretching exercise machine, especially a massage leg and leg, Hand bones and the role of stretching and supplemented by far-infrared stimulation to close the body bones stretch, And can stimulate the growth of practical functions. </li> <li> This product is equipped with mobile leg massage and far infrared heating device. </li> <li> Can help heighten and correct the spine straight, let your legs slim, get a good figure. </li> <li> Relaxes muscles and whole body tendons. Eliminates pain stiffness and prevents bone spurs. </li> <li> Adjustable body structure, waist adjustment Jaw adjustment belt, waist strap, semi-automatic foot device, labor-saving and folding device, stretching the shoulder and the Ministry of the Ministry, to maintain the health of the waist and back </li> <li> The main base body, limit device, power propulsion device, gripping device, the main body of the mat, head mat body, active rod, knob, magnetic field device, neck head pad, slide micro-device, leg holding device, far Infrared function group and so on. </li> <li> Material: Steel+ Foam+ PVC Foam Mattress. </li> <li> With Electric Automatic Traction DC MOTOR and Safety Control System and Control Panel. </li> <li> MAX Safety load: 110 KGS </li> <li> Product Size: 160X72X50 CM </li> <li> Product Weight: 20.5 KGS </li> <li> Packing: 0.090 CBM </li> <li> Patented product. </li> </ol> Inversion Machine Fitness Bench <img src='productpic/ps_dvg41480902740.png' /><br>2 in 1 AB Muscle + Two Stages BENCH<br /> <ol> <li> Product Size: 145x54x11.3cm </li> <li> Carton Size: 87x25x41cm </li> <li> N.W. /G.W.: 10.22KGS/11.8KGS </li> <li> MAX. User Weight: 100KGS </li> <li> Material: Steel +ABS Plastic+Hi Density Foam. </li> <li> The device has AB Muscle machine and the two-piece supine two-in-one effect. </li> <li> AB Muscle machine can adjust the level of the hand, climbing the height angle can also be adjusted. </li> <li> Bench plate has a single-stage and two-stage. </li> </ol> Fitness Bench Sit Up Exercise Machine <img src='productpic/ps_j4nm1480902884.png' /><br>SIT-UP AB FLEX Fitness.<br /> <ol> <li> This product is high-intensity elastic massage board, when you sit on the board, back waist in this high-intensity elastic massage board. Up and down movement, can show spine, and Jianjian Jianfu and Jian Yao Mei hip and arm. Is a new multi-functional fitness. </li> <li> Material: Steel, High Strength elastic PC, PU, Leather Etc. </li> <li> Life span of PC: more 100,000 times tested. </li> <li> Max. Loading: 120KGS </li> <li> Features: Waist twist, back massage, sit-up, push-up etc. </li> <li> Carton size: 58x42x18.5CM </li> <li> N.W./G.W.: 5KGS/6KGS </li> <li> Product size: 1010x48x30.5cm </li> </ol> Sit Up Exercise Machine Multifunction Treadmill <img src='productpic/ps_fvmw1480902922.png' /><br>Electric Treadmill + Massage Unit Auto machine<br /> <ol> <li> Auto incline (15%) </li> <li> DC Motor: 1.5HP </li> <li> Speed Range: 1~16KM/H </li> <li> Grip pulse sensor. </li> <li> Counting both by KM/H </li> <li> Running surface: 1250x420mm (total length x width) </li> <li> Without filter system. </li> <li> Foldable for easy storage. </li> <li> With the Blu-ray LCD control system, there are 24 procedures to interpret a variety of motion data, such as the speed of heartbeat consumption calorific value and other information. </li> <li> There are music speakers and input adjustment sound system. </li> <li> A security safety system. </li> <li> Can be attached to the electric massage head for the waist, abdomen, hip and other leg massage. </li> <li> Carton Size: 1680x760x325mm </li> <li> N.W./G.W.: 54KGS/64KGS </li> </ol> Multifunction Treadmill Portable Steam Sauna <img src='productpic/ps_ai41480671889.png' /><br>New Air Floating portable Steam Sauna<br /> <ol> <li> New Product </li> <li> The sauna room is including fast inflating and deflating design. Setup within 30 seconds. </li> <li> <blockquote> Contents: Sauna room<br /> Steam generator<br /> Electric Air pump<br /> Steam Hose and over heat no water auto off system<br /> </blockquote> </li> <li> Material: PVC ABS </li> <li> Color: Blue </li> <li> Power source: 110V-230V / 50Hz-60Hz/800W-1100W </li> <li> Operating size: 95*95*100cm </li> <li> Color box packing size: 38.5*23*31cm </li> <li> High quality and competitive price. </li> </ol> Portable Steam Sauna FIR Sauna Room <img src='productpic/ps_5wnz1480671965.png' /><br>FIR Bio Energy Mini Sauna room<br /> <ol> <li> <blockquote> Material: Interior Wood: Hemlock<br /> Exterior Wood: Hemlock<br /> Clear tempered Glass<br /> </blockquote> </li> <li> Color: Wooden color </li> <li> Power: 110-230V / 50 / 60Hz / 650W </li> <li> FIR Heating panel </li> <li> Digital Auto control panel </li> <li> Cabinet size: 70*90*136cm </li> <li> Packing size: 140*98*41cm </li> </ol> FIR Sauna Room Magnetic Health Belt <img src='productpic/ps_nhaw1480902385.png' /><br>Double buckle FIR Magnetic Health Belt<br /> <ol> <li> This product is double-button adjustment and tightening of the belt structure, can be tightened tight to achieve results. </li> <li> <blockquote> Product Size:<br /> M (95Lx18~20CM)<br /> L (105Lx18~20CM)<br /> XL (115Lx18~20CM)<br /> </blockquote> </li> <li> There are 21 magnets, the strength of the magnet is about 1000 Gauss. </li> <li> Magnet size: diameter 20mmx3mm thick x20 stars, diameter 35mmx3mm thick x1 pieces. </li> <li> Belt material: 85% nylon, 15% cotton, the inner layer is Tomalin Fiber + fine ceramic fiber+ Nd-Fe-B Magnetics. </li> <li> It protects against chronic waist and back tiredness, Interaction between positive ion and negative one produced by magnet can enhance metabolism, improve blood circulation in injured part, relieve the symptom of chronic muscle ankylosis, and speed up the recovery for part in pain. </li> <li> Packing: 1PC/Polybag, 20PCS/CTN </li> <li> N.W./G.W./Carton Size: 8KGS/8.7KGS/43x39x25cm </li> </ol> Magnetic Health Belt Vacuum Cupping Set <img src='productpic/ps_u0251480902459.jpg' /><br>NEW VACUUM CUPPING SET<br /> <ol> <li> A viation plastic, resistance to fall off and long service life. </li> <li> High penvicus light, easy to observe and control, more safety. </li> <li> The human body mechanisms design, good sealing. </li> <li> Unique vent design, avoiding the problem of vent out. </li> <li> Using the new design of high precision vacuum gun, beautiful and durable. </li> <li> Used in different parts of the body of a total of 12 large and small cups. </li> <li> Packed in the scratch-proof sponge sets and advanced door-type gift box packaging, easy access to beautiful and generous. </li> </ol> Vacuum Cupping Set Elliptical Air Bike <img src='productpic/ps_n3h1480670457.png' /><br><ol> <li> Elliptical Air Bike </li> <li> The product with a grip hand pulse, hooks, serpentine table rack, kettle, electric computer. </li> <li> Stepless resistance adjustable system, there crank device connected to a flywheel do Elliptical Bike sport. </li> <li> <blockquote> Steel Structure: <br /> a).Main Frame: 60dia.x30x1.5mmt<br /> b).Handle Bar(right+Left): 25dia.x2mmt<br /> c).Rear Stabilizer: 50dia.x1.5mmt<br /> d).Front Stabilizer: 50dia.x1.5mmt<br /> </blockquote> </li> <li> Computer: Time/Distance/Calories/Speed/SCAN </li> <li> SGS Approved. </li> <li> Design for home use. </li> <li> MAX. user weight: 100KGS </li> <li> Packing/NW/GW/SIZE: 17.5KGS/19.5KGS/890x205x590mm </li> </ol> Elliptical Air Bike Upright Exercise Bike <img src='productpic/ps_6nje1480670509.png' /><br>EXERCISE BIKE<br /> <ol> <li> Without magnetic wheel. </li> <li> Stepless resistance adjustable system. </li> <li> 1pc crank. </li> <li> Smooth and silent belt transmission system. </li> <li> Computer main function: Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Pulse, Calorie. </li> <li> Designed for home use. </li> <li> Carton Size: 640x210x520mm. </li> <li> G.W.: 12KGS&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; N.W.:10.5 KGS </li> </ol> Upright Exercise Bike Sit N Cycle <img src='productpic/ps_ncml1480670658.png' /><br>SIT N CYCLE<br /> <ol> <li> Manual resistance control and 8 resistance levels. </li> <li> A breaking mechanism and basket – cage pedals for safety and peace of mind. </li> <li> Seat has vertical adjustable system. </li> <li> Product size: 680x280x800mm </li> <li> For Bun, Thigh exercise. </li> <li> Max. user Weight: 100KGS </li> <li> Material: steel+Plastic (New ABS) </li> <li> N.W. / G.W.: 16KGS / 18KGS </li> <li> Carton Size: 1040x420x220mm<br /> </li> </ol> Sit N Cycle 2 in 1 Exercise Bike <img src='productpic/ps_yag31480670719.png' /><br>2 in 1 X-BIKE+HORSE RIDER<br /> <ol> <li> Flywheel: 2.5KGS </li> <li> Outside Magnetic system. </li> <li> Continously variable magnetic resistance. </li> <li> Adjustable height of saddle 62-68 CM </li> <li> Assembly size: 100x50x100cm </li> <li> Computer functions: Scan, Time, Distance, Calories, Handpulse. </li> <li> X-Bike and Horse rider will change from adjust level easy. </li> <li> Horse rider power adjust by strong elastic rubber. </li> <li> Product size: 920x400x1150mm </li> <li> Carton size: 1300x470x210mm </li> <li> N.W/G.W.: 16.6KGS/25KGS </li> <li> Max. User Weight: 100KGS </li> </ol> 2 in 1 Exercise Bike Magnetic Waist Belt <img src='productpic/ps_f6mr1480669174.png' /><br>FIR MAGNETIC HEALTH BELT<br /> <ol> <li> FIR Magnetic support belt is designed based on ergonomics, and is made of material that is able to support our waist. It is most suitable for athletes, patients suffered from waist muscular pains, office workers who have to sit for more than 8 hours a day, females suffered from hypothermia, healthcare lovers, people who have to bend down during work hours, vocational car drivers, heavy manual laborers, and patients rehabilitate from waist surgery. </li> <li> Large pocket in front of your belly for placement of hot-water bags. </li> <li> Support your waist and protect your spinal. </li> <li> With isotropic ferrite magnets in size 15mm dia. x 5mmt, magnetic strength 1000gauss. </li> <li> Put the widest part of the belt against your spinal (the U shape part on the lower side), try to make the support belt fits your waist then stick the Velcro on the elastic belt . Make sure you feel comfortable while wearing the support belt. </li> <li> Breathe – freely polyester net and flexible elastic belt, available for adjustment to meet different body shape. </li> <li> Easy to put on and take off. </li> <li> Have 32pcs Magnetics belt and 58pcs Magnetics belt two types. </li> <li> Size: S (34”), M (38”), L (42”), XL (46”), XXL (50”) </li> <li> Material: Nylon: 45%, Polyester:22%, Rubber:25%, Spandex: 8% </li> </ol> Magnetic Waist Belt Fitness Stepper <img src='productpic/ps_zeef1480669420.png' /><br>PANG PANG STEPPER <ol> <li> The product include – High strength and Spring mechanism, Movable wheels, Rotate 360° grip, Pedals, Handle Bar. </li> <li> SPORTING WAY: </li> <ul> <li> Left up, Right down. </li> <li> Left down, Right up. </li> <li> Left and right together. </li> <li> Step front and back on one side. </li> <li> Handle rotate 360° grip and exercise upper Body. </li> </ul> <li> The product has comfortable stepper, Anti slip &amp; very easy to use for all family. </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 100 KGS </li> <li> Weight &amp; Packing: 6.3 KGS/ 1.9 Cuft. </li> <li> Material: Steel + High Strength and Spring force material. </li> </ol> Fitness Stepper Vibration Plate Machine <img src='productpic/ps_e1tb1480669971.png' /><br>SHAKE N SHAPE WITH MUSIC<br /> <ol> <li> Up &amp; Down motion for fitness purpose. </li> <li> Burn Calories, Body shaping and toning, Relate and Rejuvenate stiff muscles. </li> <li> Promotes body detoxification, Enhance body strength and promotes effectiveness workout. </li> <li> Powerful music speaker and micro SD card. </li> <li> PROGRAMMERS: Speed, Time, Manual programmer, 5 Auto programmers, Music programmer. </li> <li> LED Display, High/Medium/Low Foot Pad, Hand Elastic Rope, Remote Controller. (ON/OFF, START/STOP, SPEED/TIME/MUSIC SWITCH/VOLUME) </li> <li> POWER SOURCE: 110V~220V/50HZ/60HZ/85W </li> <li> RATED OPRETING TIME: 10 minutes. </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 100 KGS </li> <li> SIZE and WEIGHT: 73X44.2X14.8CM/14.3KGS </li> <li> Material: High Strength Plastic. </li> </ol> Vibration Plate Machine Body Vibration Machine <img src='productpic/ps_bip61480670040.png' /><br>New 3D WAVE SHAKE N SHAPE Machine with Music<br /> <ol> <li> UP &amp; DOWN motion, LEFT &amp; RIGHT motion, 3D Wave motion and In order to really achieve a healthy body motion. </li> <li> Burn Calories, Body shaping and toning, Relate and Rejuvenate stiff muscles 3D motions. </li> <li> Powerful MP3 music speaker and Bluetooth for music player connection. </li> <li> Color Screen LED PROGRAMMERS: SPEED/TIME, Manual program, Auto programs, UP &amp; DOWN motion, LEFT &amp; RIGHT motion, 3D wave motion, Bluetooth for music player connection. </li> <li> LED COLOR PROGRAMMER DISPLAY, High/Medium/Low Foot Pad, Hand Elastic Rope, Remote Controller. </li> <li> POWER SOURCE: 110V~220V/50HZ/60HZ/130W </li> <li> 2 motors with 2 transmissions. UP &amp; DOWN, LEFT &amp; RIGHT and 3D Wave motion. </li> <li> Rated Operating Time:10~ 15 minutes. </li> <li> MAX LOAD: 110 KGS </li> <li> SIZE and WEIGHT: 79.1X45.3X14.8CM/22.5 KGS </li> <li> Material: High Strength Plastic + Aluminum transmission mechanism. </li> <li> COLORS: Tyrant Gold + Black Colors. </li> </ol> Body Vibration Machine